What R.A.D is all about …

We strive to do 2 things really well:

First, we aim to make exciting wines using the grapes from our vineyards and fruit from our farm. We believe good wine is like a work of art, each person experiences it in a different way. From clean crisp Pinot Gris, to dark and bold Bourbon Barrel aged Merlot, and of course our line up of canned cocktails, the way we see it, there is no other way to explain the intricate aromas and flavors of each wine other than a pure gift from God!

Second, we love creating wonderful locations and experiences for you to enjoy the wine! Everyone is looking for something fun and relaxing to do during their time off. What better way to enjoy your afternoon with friends or family than sitting at the winery with a bottle of your favorite wine! So whether it’s with take out on Monday night or a group of friends at the winery on a Sunday afternoon, we truly hope our wines bring a little joy to your life!

The RAD family (Rockie, Allison, Dylan) invite you to make memories with your family as you enjoy our products and locations!


“Wine that gladdens human hearts” Psalms 104:15